About Us

Guy Singers of Songs, for their own enjoyment and occasionally yours.

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Selections include religious anthems and spirituals, barbershop tunes, doo-wop, songs by Duke Ellington, Billy Joel, Linda Ronstadt and more. We're a bunch of amateurs based in Hamilton, NY, USA. We sing at charity events and, for minuscule fees (about what we're worth), serenade group meetings and spouses. As one of our avid fans says, "I'd go anywhere to hear you guys, especially if it's free!"



The History of the Blue Parsley Boys 

Most of us were members of the choir of Park United Methodist Church. In about 1998, Bob Palmiter suggested that it would be fun to sing some secular things as well, like barbershop music. Joined by our Pastor Sungho Lee and Bob Linsley, we sang at various events, under various preposterous names (e.g., "The Tonsorial Eclectics").



Finally, we settled on the Blue Parsley Boys. To give us an insignia, first we tried blue ties (or maybe they were sashes, or maybe ascots) and pocket handkerchiefs, but they just looked odd. Here we were singing, on the old stage in the Hamilton village park, at the Chenango MusicFest, the chamber music festival held by Colgate University in the village of Hamilton the third weekend of June.




Jim Lloyd took some parsley from his garden and spray-painted it blue, and we wore sprigs of it for another gig in Hamilton Village Park. 


The sprigs wilted fast (look at Jim's in the picture above), but Dave Lantz's lasted long enough for him to scan it. We made paper badges with the image and used them for years




Sungho moved to First Methodist in Corning, NY, and was replaced in the group by Neal Roberts, a tenor; so Dan de Noyelles moved to baritone. We went to First Methodist and sang for one of the services